Footsteps of the Pioneers- Joseph Bates




(Joseph Bates’ Sites)


DIRECTIONS  to the Joseph Bates’ historic Site

            Fairhaven is located on the east side of the Acushnet River across from New Bedford, Massachusetts, to Fairhaven, follow these directions. From Plymouth, take Highway 3 south toward Buzzard’s Bay. Just before going over the bridge take Highway 6 west and follow the signs to get to I-195. A portion of the time you will be on I-495. The exit from I-495 will indicate Interstate 195 west for New Bedford and Providence.

            Once on Interstate 195, continue to Exit 18, which will be Highway 240, going south. Follow 240 to Highway 6, then turn right and follow Highway 6 for 1.3 miles (2.1 kilometers) to Main Street in Fairhaven. At first you will be on Washington Street, but soon the road branches, and you will be on Huttelston Street.

            You will cross France Street, then Green Street and then see the Fairhaven High School, a large, beautiful building which looks like a European mansion. Just beyond and a little behind the high school is Fairhaven Academy, a yellow frame building.

            Turn right at the next street beyond the high school, Main Street, and go up to the corner of Massasoit and Main three blocks. Joseph Bates’ boyhood home, “Meadow Farm,” is a yellow house, set well back in trees and shrubbery, at 191 Main Street. The house was recently purchased from Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Darden.  Mrs. Darden’s ancestor, Anne Hathaway, bought the home for $450 in 1835 from Franklin Bates, Joseph’s younger brother. The original lot was 50 by 90 feet (15.2 by 27.4 meters).

            Return south on Main Street to Highway 6 and turn right. Go one short block to the next stoplight, Middle Street, and turn left just before reaching the Scuttlebutt Lounge. Go down Middle Street and turn right between the Inn and the auto body shop. Ahead you will see the approaches to the old bridge across which Joseph Bates was walking after returning from Washington, NH, when a friend hailed him with, “Brother Bates, what is the news?”

            “The news is the seventh day is the Sabbath,” Bates replied.

            Return to Middle Street, turn right and continue south past the Oldsmobile dealership to the next corner where you turn left. This will be Washington Street although there is no street sign. Cross Main Street and Williams Street and in the next block at the corner of Washington and Walnut, you will see the old Washington Street Christian Connection Meetinghouse, which Joseph Bates and his friends helped to build. Proceed to the stop sign at Green Street, turn left, and go back to Highway 6. You can then retrace your steps out to I-195 if going east, or, if going west, turn left again at Highway 6 and proceed past the high school and over the bridge to New Bedford, watching for signs for Highway 18 north that will take you to Interstate 195 and Providence, Rhode Island.         

TIME CAPSULE       Fairhaven, Massachusetts

1792    July 8 Joseph Bates is born in Rochester, Massachusetts.

1793    Bates family moves to Fairhaven.

1798    Joseph Bates Sr. helps build Fairhaven Academy.

1807    Joseph Bates goes to sea, first as cabin boy, later as captain.

1818    Marries Prudence Nye.

1828    Leaves the sea.

1831    Helps build Christian meetinghouse.

1846    Publishes tract, Seventh-day Sabbath a Perpetual Sign.

1858    Moves to Monterey, Michigan.

1872    Joseph Bates dies.


AMERICA ALONG THE WAY       New Bedford Whaling Museum

            18 Johnny Cake Hill, New Bedford, Massachusetts, contains glassware, whaling relics, scrimshaw and replicas of ships related to whaling.

AMERICA ALONG THE WAY       Old Sturbridge Village

            A working reproduction of an 1830's village and surrounding farms, is a delightful introduction to the world in which Adventism had its beginnings. Included are a printing establishment complete with a hand press similar to the Washington Hand Press on which the early Reviews were printed. It is located near the interchange of Massachusetts Turnpike (Highway 90) and Interstate 86, southwest of Worcester and South Lancaster.