Nearby Attractions

The Hiram Edson Farm sits just over one mile south of the Historic Erie Canal.  Much of the old tow path has been made into lovely walking trails.  Experience the past - walk those histoic paths and learn about the Canal that connected the east with the west.  Explore the Erie Canal website to learn more.

Also nearby is the Women's Rights National Historic Park.  This is well worth a visit.

This area is also the birthplace of the Latter Day Saints - the Mormons.  There are several interersting sites nearby featuring their church history.  Hill will help you explore these options.


Nearby Rochester is home to many important historic sites.  You won't want to miss the impressive Frederick Douglas Monument, just below Mt. Hope Cemetery, where he, Susan B. Anthony, Angela and Mary Andrews, Anna and Nathaniel White are buried.  A map of the cemetery will help you find the markers.  Susan B. Anthony's home is worth a visit, as is the Frederick Douglass National Historic Site.  If you are interested in photography, you won't want to miss the George Eastman House and International Museaum of Photography and Film.