1. Acknowledgments


Several people assisted me in the preparation of Advent Preaching. I want to express my appreciatio to each.

Pioneer stenographers had no idea, as they recorded these sermons by hand, what an invaluable service they were providing for future use. Although their identities are no longer known, I do want to express my gratitutde for the work they did in preserving these pioneer Adventist sermons.

To Elder Don Wright, my colleague in the Loma Linda University Heritage Room, I want to express my appreciation for helping me select the sermons contained in this book. Not only did he page through several old volumes of the Review and Herald, flagging early sermons for me to read, but after I had made my preliminary selections, he further assisted me in the final selection of a couple of the sermons included in this volume.

I am also grateful for the assistance of Elder Robert Wieland. He listed several sermons that, based on his study, he felt were among the best in existence from Elders A. T. Jones and E. J. Waggoner. After his initial suggestions, I selected the sermons that are actually included in Advent Preaching. Afterwards, he volunteered to condense them so they would more nearly conform in length to the rest of the sermons in this volume. He also condensed the S. N. Haskell sermon. I greatly appreciate all his help.

And finally, I am most appreciative to those who read the manuscript and shared their suggestions with me. In addition to Elder Don Wright, there was Beverly Koester, also of the Loma Linda Heritage Room, Paul Gordon of the Ellen G. White Estate, Esther Ramharacksingh and Marie Blevins of the NAD Office of Education, as well as my secretary, Shirley Chipman. I am especially indebted to Shirley's daughter, Laurie Nix, who typed and retyped the manuscript for me. Without her assistance, the book would never have been completed.

James R. Nix
April 20, 1989
Loma Linda, California