2. Notes to the Teacher


Many teachers ask for copies of early Adventist sermons to use during Heritage Week. What follows are a few suggestions of how you may use them.

A. These would be used for grades 7-12.

B. Be sure to read to the biographical sketch about the preacher. You will learn some new things about our pioneers and it will put the sermon in context for you and the audience.

C. Students may choose a partiuclar sermon, dress as the pioneer preacher and present the sermon during a Heritage Week church service. The student may do it word for word or choose to condense it and use their own illustrations. Suggestions for this type of presentation include:

"The Power of the Tongue"
"A Sermon on the Cars"
"Lessons from the Fifteenth of Romans"

D. "The Third Angel's Message" in a more condensed form would include participation from several students. This script includes the audience's response in various places. The class members could be seated together in teh congregation and at the appropriate time give the printed response.

E. Many of the sermons cover a particular teaching of the church. Students would benefit form making an outline from some of these to develop an understanding of how a specific belief came about. The following sermons are suggested for this use:

"The Kingdom of God"
"Sermon Preached to the Seneca Indians"
"Dedicatory Sermon"
"Funeral Sermon of Henry White"

F. The following sermons have many good devotional thoughts or paragraphs that you might like to share with the class. You may wish to divide the class into groups. Give them each a different sermon and have the picked some key paragraphs that they would like to share with the rest of the class. These could be shared during one class period, or the students could take turns giving the devotional thought for the day. These sermons include:

"Bible Study Letter to the Romans"
"The Sermon"
"The Throne of Grace"
"The Baccalaureate Sermon Battle Creek College Commencement Exercises"
"Funeral Sermon of Henry White"

May God bless your efforst as you inspire our next generation of young men and women to be great Adventist preachers.