Playing Our Past


by the Canadian Union College Heritage Players:
Eric Rajah, Producer;
Keith Clouten, Script;
Denise Dick Herr, Stage Production.


Copyright © 1989 Canadian University College. Used with permission.



Production Notes

Two More Days [1844] - A Millerite family waits expectantly for the Second Advent.

The Legacy of the Unfinished Chamber [1848] - James and Ellen White move from discouragement to purpose.

The Blessed Hope [1855] - The life and death of Annie Smith.


Making Us a Name [1860] - The Adventist struggle to organize and select a name.

Light and Shadow [1874] - In the face of personal tragedy, J. N. Andrews kindles the light of the gospel in Europe.

The News from Minneapolis [1888] - The personalities and issues of the 1888 General Conference.


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