The writing of Adventist history plays is not new, but perhaps the idea of writing one each year for Adventist Heritage Weekend celebrations is. At the College Heights Seventh-day Adventist Church in Alberta, Canada, the tradition of an annual Heritage Weekend every October (the selected date is always as close as possible to October 22) was started in 1982. That year Campus Ministries of Canadian Union College presented a week of special programs culminating in a dramatized Sabbath service. Each year since then, Campus Ministries has sponsored Adventist Heritage Weekend, highlighted by the performance of a play during the Sabbath morning services.

The six plays published in this book were written for performance at College Heights Church from 1983 to 1988. Some have undergone revision since their original performances. Taken together, these six plays illustrate significant events in the history of the Adventist Church from 1844 to 1888. They are presented here with synopses, background notes, illustrations and performance suggestions.

In preparing these plays for publication, we have greatly appreciated the assistance of James Nix, an authority on Adventist history. He has spent many hours in meticulous examination of these plays, helping us make the stories historically accurate. Through his encouragement, these plays were submitted for publication by the North American Division Office of Education as part of the Adventist Heritage Project.

We hope that these plays will bring not only creative enjoyment, but a sense of identity with our spiritual roots.

Keith Clouten
Denise Dick Herr
Eric Rajah

May 1989

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