Community Event – The Christmas Stroll

Historic Adventist Village has been reaching out to the community since December 22, 2007, during the holiday season. That year at the encouragement of Adventist Heritage Ministry administration, Village Director Pr. Stanley Cottrell suggested inviting the neighbors to a time of Christmas stories and caroling. The village was made ready to receive guests from the neighborhood and church. Candles burning brightly in the windows of village buildings welcomed nearly 80 people who came for this special time.

This Christmas, red bows and green garlands will add to the beauty of the 1857 Meeting House and the Parkville Church, designated as beginning and ending points for the tour. Lanterns will be lit along the snowy paths from building to building. Special story tellers at each site will warm the hearts and minds of our guests with the true meaning of Christmas.

Offerings will be stuffed in little red stockings and hung on the Christmas tree to support our local Police Department’s “Toys for Tots” program and “Shop with a Cop” night.

After the stories, weather permitting, we will enjoy a bonfire and warm up our hands with hot chocolate and cookies.

The Christmas Stroll starts at 6 pm sharp and ends about 8 pm. Join us on December 7 this year!

For questions please call 269-965-3000.