Please help us plan for the 175th Anniversary Weekend by giving us your information.

  • Registration is free
  • Communion Services at the Miller Chapel are free, with a ticket indicating your time slot
  • Poultney Bus Tours – $15.00
  • Meals - There will be snacks available for sale on Friday.  Box lunches can be pre-ordered for Friday Supper and Sabbath Lunch. The food is provided by the Kingsbury SDA Church School as a fund raiser.  
  1. Fill in the fields
  2. If required, transfer the required fee via credit card payment
  3. Submit your finalized registration
General Information
If there are several people in your group, please enter the name of the person in charge.
Please let us know if you plan on attending children's sabbath school!
Please specify the number of persons for each meal.
USD 15.00 per person
USD 20.00 per person
Poultney Bus Tours
USD 15.00 per person
USD 15.00 per person
Communion Services
While communion services can be attended free of charge, a ticket is required.