“Looking Back to Move Forward”

Special Anniversary Weekend Planned at William Miller Farm,

October 17-19, 2019


Hotel Room Rooms - COMFORT INN, Rutland VT

$115 through September 20th   (802) 775-2200 ask for William Miller Farm Rate

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You are invited to experience your Adventist heritage during a very special anniversary weekend that will be held at the William Miller Farm October 17-19, 2019.  Located on U.S. Hwy 4 between Fairhaven, Vermont, and Whitehall, New York, the event will help us recall and recapture the passion, purpose, and power of those long-ago committed pioneers who went through what is now called the Great Disappointment of October 22, 1844.  

Millerite Adventists (spiritual forerunners of Seventh-day Adventists) met in private homes, churches, school houses, tents, and in the open under trees. All but one of those venues will be part of the weekend activities.  In addition, they fervently studied their Bibles, enthusiastically sang inspiring hymns of hope, earnestly prayed, listened to powerful preaching, and then went out to share with others the exciting news that Jesus is coming again! There will be activities for young and old as together we recapture the spirit of 1844.

Travel back with me to 1844. Imagine that you are a Millerite Adventist. Life for you is far from easy. If neighbors or townspeople know your spiritual affiliation, you could expect to be jeered, ridiculed, and publicly scorned. There is a good chance that you would lose family and friends who hate the fact that you have brought reproach on them. They would have no problem telling you how much they hated the cult you have joined.

If you made the mistake of attending a church from another denomination in search of solace, you would be met by the most fierce denunciations of Millerite faith and practice. It would not be uncommon to call you out by name. You would pick up the newspaper, only to discover a raft of scandalous, tantalizing gossip about the Millerites, as well as seering, hostile, anti-Millerite diatribes. Many Millerite Adventists cracked under the weight of such personal and public attacks, but a faithful group did not. A small “remnant” remained faithful to their beliefs, including those who eventually founded the Seventh-day Adventist Church. 

When you come to Miller Farm on October 17-19, 2019, prepare to be inspired, encouraged, challenged, and uplifted! Prepare to see the brand of faith which much be reproduced in those preparing for the soon return of Jesus amid a world spiraling out of control! As we look back, let us prepare to move forward by God’s grace! Our future is bright, our cause is sure, and our courage is strong! Why? Because our God is faithful!

Hotel Room Block

Event Rate availabe

through September 20!

Comfort Inn Trolley Square in Rutland, VT - only 22 minutes away

Rate of $115 includes breakfast

Call (802) 775-2200 and ask for William Miller Farm Rate

Programs you'll Enjoy

  • Sing the old Advent hymns

  • Enjoy preaching and communion

  • Tour the farm 

  • Enjoy the bus tour of Miller historic sites

  • Children's tour and activities Friday and Sabbath afternoons

  • See what God is doing now on Sabbath afternoon

  • Close the Sabbath with Elder Ted Wilson

A replica of the banner used by the Millerites, created for the 150th anniversary of October 22, 1844