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Your generous support will help Adventist Heritage Ministry (AHM) continue to thrive, giving thousands the opportunity to learn how God used Adventist Pioneers to make known His plan for our world. It takes $450,000 a year to operate these sites. Since we do not charge any entrance fees, we depend on frequent financial support to fulfill our mission.

Your gift will help ensure that this unique ministry continues to lead people to Christ and maintain the sites as evangelistic centers of influence.

While visiting these sites, individuals can:

  • Learn about Christ's soon return,
  • Learn about the gift of everlasting life,
  • Gain understanding of what day is the true Sabbath day and
  • Confirm their confidence in the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Many people learn about these things the first time in their lives through one of our Historic Sites!

How can I support?

You can help to make things happen with your tax deductible donation dedicated to:

Thank you so much for your generous support to fulfill our mission to the world. Each Dollar will make a difference!

Further Information

Please call AHM Accounting Department for information regarding donations.

Donella Andersen - Gift Processing:
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