USD 19.95
Juanita Prince
Copyright 2010

An Amazing Journey to Health draws attention to the importance of positive thinking and a healthy lifestyle. Learn about the American food chain, and how rapidly it has changed since the last century, which is alarming! We must learn how to make better choices for better health, or our future may be bleak as we face the consequences of our poor health choices.

In addition to providing the background about food and how it affects us, the book also provides wholesome, healthy, and balanced recipes that are low in cholesterol, fats, and trans fatty acids. These recipes do not contain processed foods, dairy, or GMO.

This book also contains a very informative section on foods that help to build the immune system. These healing foods provide a more natural, therapeutic resistance to colds, flu-like symptoms, and other illnesses. Keeping the immune system in tact is what counts.