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Collection of early Adventist hymns sung by the Andrews University Singers in the 1857 reconstructed meetinghouse in Battle Creek.

  • I'm A Pilgrim
  • Lo, What A Glorious Sight Appears
  • Jerusalem
  • Prayer Of The Church
  • Watch Ye Saints
  • Safely Through Another Week
  • I Saw One Weary
  • Let Others Seek A Home Below
  • Long Upon The Mountains
  • What Heavenly Music
  • O Brother, Be Faithful
  • How Sweet Are The Tidings
  • In The Glad Time Of The Harvest
  • Is My Name Written There?
  • Jesus, Lover Of My Soul
  • Sweet By And By
  • There Is Sunlight On The Hilltop
  • We Know Not The Time When He Cometh
  • Cover With His Life
  1. Cover-With-His-Life.mp3
  2. Sweet-By-and-By.mp3