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Mark Ford
Copyright 2002

A handful of Christians dedicated to an open search of truth. They accept the Millerite message in 1843 and the Seventh-day Sabbath in 1845. In 1851 Ellen White visits the congregation. Her detractor and critic, Stephen Smith, is separated from fellowship. In 1857 White writes to Smith, but he locks the despised letter, unopened, in a truck and forgets it.

Slowly the fortunes of the congregation wane. By 1867 the congregation has dwindled. Services are no longer helped. Attempted revival fails. "They're all hypocrites," cries one teenager.

Then comes a dramatic visit by Ellen White. She publicly denounces the secret sins of the members, including preacher William Farnsworth's chewing tobacco. The members rise one by one to confess the accuracy of her testimony, and the church is transformed.

One holdout is Stephen Smith, Then, in 1885, he opens the letter!